Smart About Women's Health

Our team of Women’s Health experts talk about common health problems Women experience. We talk about the issues women want and need to know about. Getting  companies more engaged with Women’s Health will drive an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Smart About Menopause

Our Menopause sessions are designed and delivered by expert GPs and Gynaecologists.

Our sessions are for women AND men!

  • 45% of women say menopause symptoms have negatively affected their work.
  • 47% of those women who took time off work for menopause symptoms would not tell their employer the real reason. (British Menopause Society 2017)

We need to change the workplace culture and improve our understanding of menopause.


Our Women's Health sessions are for men as well as women

  • 38% of partners report they feel helpless when it comes to supporting their partner through the menopause

Menopause is not they only Women’s Health topic we can discuss. 

We talk about Menstruation, Miscarriage, Female Cancers, Fertility, Pregnancy and lots more.

Some of these sessions can be tailored to managers, helping you understand Women’s Health is key for inclusion and diversity, as well as support your staff in the best way possible.

Get in touch to book an expert-led Women’s Health session at your company.