Parents in the workplace

Expert-led courses designed to help parents transition into and return from parental leave by supporting the health and wellbeing needs of parents.

Our GP-led parent and baby health sessions can help empower parents to take better control of their own and their baby/toddler’s health, reduce parental anxiety, and help them navigate the world of health.

It is well recognised that supporting parents during the transition of becoming a parent, be it first time or multiple times, will help employers show support, value and retain employees.

of children aged 1-36 months
have been unnecessarily taken to A & E in the last 12 months
of parents
considered the first 3 years of their child’s life the most stressful
of parents
admitted their child’s health and wellbeing is their biggest concern in life

Survey of 2,000 parents by OnePoll. March 2014 commissioned by Nurofen for children

We focus on health for Carers looking after young and old. Our parent and baby health sessions are perfect for those expecting and those with children under 3.

Retention of new parents is a huge challenge for employers. The cost of rehiring and retraining is high. Offering new parents practical and relevant support during this transition is key.

Parents make up a large proportion of employees

We run a variety of courses for parents at different stages of parenthood.
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Course details

Course Series


Covering around the time of delivery and the first few weeks of newborn life.

We will focus on birth and delivery from a medical point of view. Preparing parents for the  physical, emotional and psychological health needs. 

This course can be paired with a session from our Perinatal Psychiatrist as we wish to destigmatise, raise awareness and improve understanding of postnatal depression and other perinatal mental health issues in parents



  • Practical and evidence-based information and discussion to help educate and prepare parents for their experience ahead.



  • Common and serious illness in babies.
  • When to worry?
  • What is normal and abnormal in the newborn phase.

For parents of babies approximately 6 weeks to 6 months old

This can be run as a keep in touch day for those on parental leave

  • Bringing parents back into the workplace is a  powerful way of helping retain and include them.
  • This session can be is reflective of experiences so far and looks at the future of younger baby and parent health during this phase.


  • Pitched at employees returning to work after parental leave, OR for the partner of those returning.
  • This stage of parenting presents a huge challenge for employees and the organisation. Absence levels are often high during the first year due to common childhood illnesses.
  • We discuss how to manage them and what to look out for, and when to worry.
  • With improved health understanding parents will feel much more prepared for returning to work, will feel less anxious, and feel more empowered to speak to others about any issues they are having. 
  • The peer-to peer support and employer support offered at this stage is a powerful way to retain new parents in the workplace.

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