Smart About Mental Health

We all have mental health. We all have physical health. The two are closely intertwined. Looking after mental health is key to performance.

Smart About Health

Our experts are here to raise awareness and inspire confidence in talking about mental health. We can work alongside any mental health champions you have in your company, or help you develop an internal programme to get your employees talking about mental health.

Some of our topics include: Depression and Anxiety, Teenage Mental Health, Children’s Mental Health. Perinatal mental health. Older Adult’s mental health.

Stress, depression and anxiety accounted for 15.4 million days lost due to work related ill-health in 2017/18

Let’s make mental health a topic of conversation, remove the stigma, get more aware, and get smarter about Mental Health

Workplaces are doing amazing work to try to destigmatise Mental Health conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.  Mental Health problems such as Bipolar disorder, Psychosis, OCD, Body Dysmorphia, Eating disorders and Personality Disorder are still stigmatised. 

Supporting new parents in the perinatal period is essential. Perinatal Mental health problems occur during pregnancy or the year after birth and affects 20% of women. Perinatal mental health problems include Postnatal Depression and Anxiety, Perinatal OCD, Postnatal Psychosis (a psychiatric emergency).

1 in 8 partners experienced mental health problems in the postnatal period.