Smart About Men's Health

Men’s Health is often not talked about and remains a taboo topic. We are here to talk about real issues affecting men. We talk about what men are thinking about and we facilitate the conversation. More talking means more acceptance.

Smart About Mens Health

Men are less likely to seek medical professional help or talk to their friends or family about health related issues.

Men present later to their doctors for mental health problems and this has a direct impact on the severity of mental health issues in men. 

75% of all suicides in 2017 were in men.

Our experts talk about the common and serious issues affecting men: Cardiovascular disease and diabetes, mental health, male cancers, waterworks problems and sexual health. Let’s improve our understanding and knowledge.

  • 75% of all suicides in 2017 were in men

We break down barriers to talking about the common issues in Men’s Health. Men are thinking about these issues. With more awareness and less stigma, we can get men to look after their health better, and see their doctor in a timely manner.


At a recent session our mission was reinforced by a powerful message from one of the participants. He inspired the other delegates by relaying his story. ‘I am a survivor of testicular cancer. I delayed seeing my doctor when I found a lump, and it was my wife who convinced me to go. I am so glad I did, and I was operated on the next day. We need more sessions like this to raise awareness and reduce barriers to seeing medical professionals’.