Smart About Body Health

If exercise was a drug, everyone would be on it!

Smart About Work Health

Our team of physiotherapists and specialist sports and exercise doctors, orthopaedic and rheumatology consultants,  deliver sessions to give your employees tips and tools to manage their every day physical challenges and create sustainable habits.

We talk about desk working and practical movement for desk workers. 

We can also design bespoke movement programmes for your employees.

Back pain, neck pain, poor posture and ‘sitting disease’ are all often attributed to working. 

Looking after your bone and your muscle health is the key to keeping mobile, and is important for enjoying a good quality of life.

Musculoskeletal problems account for an estimated 9.5 million days off work in the UK per year (2015)

We don’t just talk about back pain though. Repetitive Strain Injuries, Bone Health and how nutrition affects our musculoskeletal system are all topics we cover.

Helping instil good habits and improving understanding of musculoskeletal health is paramount for a fit and healthy working population.