Manager Programme

Managers play an essential role in employee wellbeing. However, we cannot expect managers to become skilled in wellbeing management overnight. Organisations need to invest time and resources, with the right type of training, to ensure managers are prepared and confident to take this role on.

Our manager programmes are specifically designed to help all managers be able to relevantly support their teams and wider staff through health and wellbeing challenges.

Our manager programmes are essential for those looking after other people. So, whether you mange 4 people or 400, we are here to help you support your staff with purpose and meaning with the most common and serious health challenges they might be facing.

Our specialists will guide you through an expert-delivered and interactive programme.

Our manager programmes are led by several specialists:

Our programme will ensure your managers are prepared in managing wellbeing challenges highlighted by their teams causing presenteeism, as well sickness absence.

  1. Upskilling, educating and improving insight and understanding
  2. Exploring case studies, examples and real life challenges
  3. Understanding and using a framework of tools to create meaningful and purposeful conversations with your team to a) elicit if they are struggling, and b) offer meaningful support and signpost to the right areas of support internally and externally.

We concentrate on the 5 core areas of health and wellbeing that have the biggest impact on staff wellbeing:

  • Mental health challenges
  • Bereavement, grief and loss
  • Chronic health conditions (ongoing and newly diagnosed): e.g. Diabetes, heart disease and MSK problems
  • Cancer diagnosis (affecting an employee or their loved on)
  • Menopause, miscarriage and menstruation challenges, pregnancy related problems