Executive Programme

Role modelling is an essential and impactful way of ensuring people in your organisation understand WE ARE ALL HUMANS.

Our Inspireexecutive programme, focuses on creating a diverse network of individuals who are able to influence and inspire others in the company through showing their vulnerabilities with purpose.

This may be in the form of outwardly connecting with personal experiences, but we will help you deliver important messages within your story to ensure those around you know when and how to get help if they identify. We will also help you feel safe when you are talking about your experience, as it can be difficult.

Creating a network of ambassadors or influencers at executive level is an engaging and meaningful experience for all, but is most effective when combined with a multilayer approach to wellbeing, including employee awareness, culture shift and manager upskilling.

We will work with you to create a bespoke programme, as we know all organisations are different, and are at different stages of their wellbeing journey.