Our Strategy

Bringing organisations high quality clinical expertise and real and relevant wellbeing programmes to maximise engagement, focusing on proactive and preventative health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Maintaining and promoting a centralised and core health and wellbeing strategy is essential to ensure employees and teams thrive in the workplace.

More recently companies are realising the importance of a proactive and preventative strategy for wellbeing as well as the classic offerings of PMI and EAP amongst others, which are more reactive in approach.

To embed health and wellbeing as a core part of your organisation it needs to be present on the agenda all year round, and focus on all levels within your organisation.

At Smart About Health we focus on delivering a multilayer, proactive and preventative programme across 4 core areas of heath and wellbeing

Health is complicated, and focusing on just one area of health and wellbeing is not enough to create a successful, impactful health and wellbeing strategy. We know this because our work, as clinicians, is with real people, experiencing real life challenges across many areas of health and wellbeing. There is a clear and closely intertwined relationship between mental, physical, social and emotional health. To embrace this, health and wellbeing strategies need to demonstrate a holistic approach.

To ensure engagement and impact organisations must focus on all levels of the organisation:

Employee programme

Manager programme

Executive programme